Saturday, July 30, 2011


The captain once again emerged at the port. He looked around for the Black Moon, and it was harbored there idling; shining under the full moon. The sky that night was particularly clear and the moon herself was sparkling as though enlightening the path for the captain.

"A fine day, lad!" He whispered.

He walked towards the ship and soon raised its colors.

"Let the journey begins!" He shouted at the wheel.

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-The captain has returned for another round of seafaring.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Crap' O Crab

Soon not long after the dead of the fish, the captain bought a new marine pet to accompany his favourite co-captain. A crab.

A red fleshy crab with a pair of red claws.

"Arhg, let's name it Sea-hoe!" The captain said.

"What? Of all de' name, why Sea-hoe? You sounded like 'Bull-Shit'!" The co-captain said.

"How about de' name 'Red-Bull'?

As both of them arguing about the name for the red crab, it crawled out of the frying pan and into the bigger fire: The stove.

"Blast me, the crab ran out of its 'cage'!" The captain horrified.

He sounded the alarm and called for each and every crew in the ship to look for it. Soon but not too soon, one of the crew found it. He brought it forward to the captain and showed him with his two hands.

"He's asleep, capt!" The crab were cuddled around sleeping nicely.

"Sleep my foot! Crap. Its dead."

-Another marine pet suicided.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Fish in Ship

Recently, a favourite co-captain of the captain bought a magnificent "fishy" tank from one of the famous mainland called the "Aquarium Centre".

"What fish market arg' you talkin' about, my dear?" The captain asked.

"Not fish market, you silly fool, the aquarium where you can rear a fish as a pet"

"Fish food you meant? Ah, we have plenty of fish food as supplies, pick one as you like!"

"No!! I meant live fish, not dead fish!"

He was getting annoyed so he turned around and walked ahead. In that moment, with his huge leap of movement, he stepped onto something with a cracking sound. He looked down and saw blisters of glasses and a jumping fish.

"No!! You silly fool, it's my aquarium you steppin' on! You killed my fish!"

She laid down and sob as she picked up her poor fish. He looked blur over some dead small fish with a golden strip on it.

"Argh, me dear, you can have all the fishes in the world as we roam the sea!"

She was sobbing and then angrily turn around facing the Captain.

"I will demand a mutiny and throw you off the sea with giant sharks to eat you alive!"

- The Captain has a new asset in the ship called the Aquarium.

Goodbye, Good Crew!

It's a sad day to happen in the ship. As the captain looked through the list of crews, he saw some names inactive in the ship. They must be playing truant in the ship!

"Thee shou walk the plank!" The captain shouted angrily to the pity crew. Then he smiled and turned pitiful towards his poor crew.

"I don't want to do this but pitiful... I'm sorry I have to do this..."

"Goodbye, my good and kind hearted crew, I knew you have been working hard to get tee' ship movin' but I left with no choice..."

"En garde, and fare thee well!"

The crew gave her last salute and hand-shake with the captain. She bid him the last farewell.

Then, reluctantly the crew jumped and hop from the ship to the far away mainland to venture for her new adventure!

"God bless thee, may the sea calm upon thee! The captain pray and hope upon his once good crew whom had helped him build up the ship.

-Farewell crew: VvSoNeedsALife

The sea sail

The captain looked at the sky and it's mild blue.

"Ah, a lovely day, nice to sleep!"

Everyone was busy even the captain itself was on the deck rushing and running around the deck whole day to complete some certain important tasks. As if many paperworks have to be done.

-A tiring day today

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fat Ol' Jake - Part 2

Yes, the last we saw Jake, that is Fat Ol' Jake, getting on to a ship to slim down. Forced to row by the captain. Yes, he is rowing into the sea. Deep sea. "Row! you slimy fatty!", the captain yelled and whipping the floor hardly. Jake struggled to row and he had been rowing for many days since he last leave port. He was panting and sweating heavily. He smelled badly from all the sweat that had accumulated from rowing. He had neither bath nor rest. "Row! you lazy fat arse!", the captain's face was so near Jake that he could smelled his bad breath filled of rum. "Row! You shall row!", the captain laughed loudly and walked into his room.

Jake was rowing hard and the skies was looming dark. Dark clouds and thunder strikes. He could see lightning flashes accross the skies. The sea was getting rough. The rowing had became bad. Jake was rowing against the strong current. Rain poured heavily. The heavy rain drenched Jake. He felt cold, hungry and angry at himself for the cause he had invited to his ownself. "I am a silly man", he breathed warm air on to his palms. He rubbed his palms hard. His palms had blisters from the hard rowing of many days. That moment, there was a crash from the captain's room. "Argh!", the captain screamed. Momentarily there was silence except from the heavy downpour and roars of lightning. Should he left his position and go see the captain. He kept on rowing amidst the hard downpour and that captain's scream. He dare not leave his place for fear of punishment. "Argh!", another scream emitted from the room. It died down again. This time Jake left his place and rush to the captain's room.

He graspped the door knob and about to turn, the captain dashed out and nearly knocking into Jake. The captain slumped to the floor with both hands on his throat. He was choking. He was gasping for air and begging for help. Fatty Ol' Jake could not do anything but knelt beside him holding the captain's hand. The captain gave his last breath and passed away. Poor Jake, he was left alone in a big ship with no one to guide it. The ship is without captain now. Jake put the captain's body on the bed and looked around. "Where am I now?", he looked to the captain's table. A big map was unfolded and spread across it. A few navigational tools had been left on it. "Now how do I use these?", he scratched his head. For Jake who had not even left one foot out to sea, this navigational tools had not helped much. He was lost in sea. He could not tell which stars to follow or anywhere on the map.

"I will row and row until I see land", he went back to his position and started rowing. He was hungry and very hungry too. He left his place again and went looking around the ship. He saw a door to the left of the captain's room. "There isn't anyone here on the ship beside me?", he thought for the moment. He opened the door slowly.

Fat Ol' Jake - Open's the second door

Sunday, September 21, 2008


In one time of the year, the captain would sail to civilization to hook up some girls, pillage and restock his ship. Suddenly, he stumbled upon a shop named:


"What the hell iz that? Donuts?"

"Darn... Why the queue?"

He snuffed all the people away from the line and snatched a donut. He took one bite and...

"It's like heaven!"

-The captain ordered a barrage of donuts as supplies to the ship.